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Updated Product Overview

This week, we decided to create an updated version of our Product Overview so that you can see the many different products we’re funding. Read below to see if you think we’re a good fit for you!

Casey Carroll
22 May

In our last Product Overview, we went through and listed the products we were currently funding. As F8 grows, we wanted to share more of these products with you.

That’s why, this week, we decided to create an updated version of our product overview so that you can see the many different products we’re funding. Read below to see if you think we’re a good fit for you!

To begin, we are now funding a variety of Herbal Essentials products. All of their products are cruelty free. 

Refreshing toner with Cucumber extract and Rose Water is clinically proven to provide long-lasting skin hydration. It instantly hydrates your skin and helps maintain moisture throughout the day. This vegan toner is made with cucumber, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, and Himalayan Spring Water--which is known for its high level of essential macro-minerals. 

The Gentle Renewal Scrub with Walnut Shell Powder & Kaolin is a natural facial scrub that contains natural exfoliants & oil-absorbing Kaolin clay to get rid of dead skin. This scrub includes Himalayan Spring Water, Walnut Shell Powder, purifying Kaolin Clay, Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, and blemish-preventing honey that will leave you with a visibly fresh, smooth complexion.

Nourishing Cream with Apricot Oil & Aloe Vera is a daily facial cream that contains Apricot Kernel Oil, Aloe Vera, and Sweet Almond Oil. This vegan cream is packed with natural vitamins and skin-nourishing essential fatty acids and is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

Hydra Active Gel with Aloe Vera and Peppermint Oil - 30ml purifies and hydrates your skin to balance oily skin without causing dryness. This gel contains a high concentration of actives and is a good product for blemish-prone or combination skin.

Ez Shopper’s stand up desks offer the best value height adjustable desks that you’ll find in the UK. These desks promote the idea that standing desks are more suitable for working from home and are, overall, better for your health. The desks come with a five year warranty and delivery is fast and free.

All five Shore Buddies--Finn the Dolphin, Stephen Seagull, Shelly the Sea Turtle, Sammy the Seal, and Emma the Whale--are being funded by Forever 8. Shore Buddies makes their stuffed animals out of recycled plastic bottles and are making a difference by donating $1 from every purchase to ocean-minded, non-profit organizations.

As you can see, we are currently funding all types of products! Forever 8 Fund is open to funding all consumer products so long as they have 3+ months of sales history, have stable sales of $10k+ per month, and are interested in growing your business quickly.

Once your business is approved for funding, you can use the money however you see fit in order to grow your business.  Businesses that we have funded thus far have been able to utilize Forever 8 funding to launch new products, bolster their ad spend, and expand into new sales channels.

We have loved reviewing all of the businesses that have applied for funding, and have been able to offer term sheets to most.  Keep us in mind as you continue growing your business, we are a true partner and are excited to play a meaningful role in bringing your business to the next level.

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
22 May

Pay Back as You Sell

Forever 8 recoups  our investment (plus a small fee) as you sell. Take longer to sell than anticipated? No problem, we will work with you to ensure that we are both in alignment. Sell faster than anticipated? Great, our fees will be lower and we can order you more inventory to keep pace with your demand.

Long Term Capital

We are a partner. We aren’t here to offer quick bridge loans. Instead, we work together for at least a year, funding 100% of your inventory needs.

Reduce Your Exposure

Forever 8 does not require a personal guarantee. We act as a partner, and we take product risk. Our interests are mutually aligned

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We offer a finders fee on all successful referrals

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