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Improving Your Product Listing on Amazon

This week, we wanted to talk to you about the importance of improving your product listing by filling out your product information on Amazon.

Casey Carroll
8 May

Amazon is both a blessing and a curse for ecommerce sellers. On one hand, Amazon is a place with countless products from many different categories around the world…this also happens to be the issue for smaller sellers trying to get their product recognized by buyers. Your business and products being recognizable is essential for your success. 

That’s why, this week, we wanted to talk to you about the importance of improving your product listing by filling out your product information on Amazon.

To begin, you should fill in and continue updating your product information whenever you can. Amazon takes accounts that fill out all of the information and prioritizes them, so make sure your information stays up to date

The information you need to keep updated includes the product title, product images, product features, product description, product reviews, and product ratings. We’ll now go through each and tell you what to include. 

Product Title: You can enter as many as 250 characters for your product title, so you want to make sure customers know what you’re selling and answer any questions they may have right off the bat. You want all of the information in your title to be important--no information should be redundant.

Product Images: Amazon allows nine product images for each product, so you want to have the best and most eye-catching pictures possible! These images will be 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high and most of the time should be set against a white background. This will draw focus to your product and showcase its best features.

Product features and description: You have 1,000 characters to describe your key product features and 2,000 characters for your product description. You need to use these spaces to persuade customers to buy your products. Your key product features should be listed in bullet points and be attention-grabbing and to the point. Your product description will be where you can describe your product in more detail, elaborating on your key product features. 

Product reviews and ratings: Product reviews and ratings are very important on Amazon. These provide proof that your product is high standard and will influence other sales, while helping your products rank better within the Amazon search algorithms. While Amazon strictly prohibits asking customers explicitly for favorable reviews, it is always great to ask for honest feedback in the form of a review.

We hope this blog was helpful and will help your product listing on Amazon!

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
8 May

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