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Holiday e-Commerce Tips

The holidays can be an exciting, and stressful time. With this holiday season set to break e-commerce sales and traffic records, we wanted to take a moment to review some common tips and advice to be aware of!

Casey Carroll
5 Dec

Right now is the perfect time to sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, and make sure your e-commerce business is running smoothly!

As the holidays approach and more consumers are moving online in search of gifts, now is the perfect time to make your product stand out. That is why we’re dedicating this blog to giving you all tips and tricks you need to help your e-commerce business thrive during this time!

The first step is making sure the websites and platforms your products are being sold through are working correctly and efficiently. With the 2020 holiday season set to break e-commerce sales records,  it is essential that your customers are able to navigate to your products quickly and easily.  Since 98% of website first impressions are design-related, a bad first impression could quickly deter would-be customers! It’s imperative that your website be attractive and compelling enough to draw new customers in. This is the best time to acquire new customers, that could turn into repeat customers into next year.

Let’s explore some key areas of your website that should be focused on in preparation for this holiday season:

Easy Navigation

Ensure that your site is easy to navigate. Your products should be readily accessible to browse, with links to your product pages in both the navigation bar, and throughout the site as fit.

A Trendy Appearance

Just as with clothing and furniture, every couple of years (or months!) ushers in new user experience and design standards. These are usually simple enough to incorporate, involving particular font families, color schemes, and image styles.  Creative Market can be a great resource to incorporate on-trend and professional design work for a fraction of expected cost.   A search of “2020 web design principals” should reveal numerous ideas.

Product Pictures and Descriptions

Some may think that the inability to touch and feel a product is a detriment to online retail.  However, the use of photos and vivid descriptions can be a remarkable asset.  Through e-commerce, we have the ability to control the customer experience at the point of sale quite unlike brick and mortar allows.

Product reviews

No matter how compelling the product descriptions and images, we always trust peers above all else .  Be sure to follow up with your customers and see if any are willing to volunteer a review.  Note, that marketplaces like Amazon may flag accounts if reviewers were compensated.

No Transaction Fees

Sometimes additional transaction fees at checkout can deter customers from purchasing your product. Finding a way to get rid of any additional transaction fees can make your product more attractive to buyers.

Multi-recipient functionality                                                  

Since many people are unable to travel to see their family this holiday season, having multi-recipient functionality allows consumers to send your product as gifts in one simple checkout.                                                                                            

We want you to succeed, so be sure to check your website twice!

Next, having a merchandising strategy detailing what products you want to highlight over the holiday season can help you decide the best ways to market. Asking questions like “What products will you sell during the holidays? How will you display these products on your site?” are useful in deciding the best move for your business. For example, you can create a holiday-specific section in your navigation, write product descriptions connecting your product to the holiday season, or include a festive header on your website that highlights a specific product. You could also establish an integrated marketing campaign that will enable your brand and products to connect your story to the season which would cultivate engagement with your customers across all channels and bring you more business.

The holidays are an exciting, but potentially stressful time. If you should experience an influx in sales and are already out of stock for this holiday season, or unsure how to prepare for the surging in demand, we are here for a fast and better way to stock your inventory! We'll get your inventory re-ordered and ensure that all of your future demand is funded- direct to your supplier. All without the strict repayment schedules, personal guarantees, and equity dilution of other funding sources.      

We hope these tips and tricks were helpful and that you’ll join us next week to see how you can analyze your holiday sales to help your business in 2021!

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
5 Dec

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