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E-commerce Mistakes to Avoid

This week, we wanted to warn you about common mistakes to avoid in your e-commerce business. 

Casey Carroll
26 Mar

“Everybody makes mistakes.”

Most people have heard this sentence countless times throughout their lives. Making mistakes isn’t always fun and can be risky when they concern your e-commerce business.

That’s why this week, we wanted to warn you about common mistakes to avoid in your e-commerce business. 

Not knowing your target market: One of the most common mistakes amongst e-commerce sellers is not knowing your target market. This is an important part of your e-commerce business because knowing your target market can help you make decisions for your business. After defining who your target market is, you will be able to understand their likes and dislikes, which can help you market and create products in the future.  

Not reaching your target market: Knowing your target market and being able to reach them are two completely different things. You need to be sure you know what platforms they’re using, what ads they respond to, etc. to ensure your target market is seeing and will engage with your content and products.

Ignoring the importance of reviews: In this day and age, the first thing potential consumers do when they consider buying a product is check the customer reviews. Good reviews can also sway a customer into buying your product over a competitor’s. That’s why one of the biggest mistakes an e-commerce business can make is not getting enough positive reviews.

Product photography: One of the biggest mistakes is not taking the time and/or money to take quality pictures of your products to put on your site. You want to make sure you can draw customers in so they will buy your product. No one will be drawn to a poor-quality photograph.

Lack of payment options: Having a lack of payment options at checkout can keep potential customers from buying from you. Doing research on which payment methods your target market are using can help you decide which to use on your site. You don’t want to miss out on purchases because someone can’t pay you!

Creating generic content: You shouldn’t be sharing content just to share content. The more targeted and relevant the content you are posting is, the more likely people are to engage with you and your business.  We live in an era when customers are bombarded with content, and only the best will stand out and win eyeballs.

Pricing your products: Many e-commerce businesses price based on their competitors--this is NOT the way to go. You should think about your pricing strategy options and see which will work best for your products and business before deciding.

Surprise fees: Nothing turns customers off a product faster than unexpected fees. From shipping to convenience fees, any surprise is going to upset and inconvenience customers. Being upfront about these fees will make sure your customers aren’t blindsided and will help them trust you.

We wanted to end this post by saying, if you’ve made any of these mistakes or do so in the future, it is OK! Learning from your mistakes is one of the most important skills and will only make you and your business stronger. 

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
26 Mar

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